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Friday, 29 April 2005
Akila Daily
Mood:  happy
Topic: Nice websites
I have just created a new blog. This new one will intentionally be less factual and more fictional. In fact, it will mix actual situations with imaginary stories. The hero is Akila a young man, telling us the story of his days.
Here it is:

It carries a more personal and intimate perspective of life.

Posted by kiki at 9:55 AM BST
Wednesday, 13 April 2005
Development projects and involvement
Mood:  bright
Topic: Nice websites
I have always wanted to get involved in volunteering at least since I travelled back home in 2001.
There is some much to be done to develop our countries and so little resources.
And the ongoing unrest, all over Africa, is keeping the focus away from an effective action towards social and economic development.
Everyone's eyes are rather fixed on the political warfare waged from long ago by the same kinds of persons.
This is to say that the population ought to take some development issues personally and start acting and not wait for the aid to drop down from somewhere.
We can start something and build out of nothing, may it be little, if each one does a part, it's going to be big as all efforts unite for the good of the community.
Again, there is so much to be done in so many fields: health and welfare, education, small business, women's condition, children's condition ... I found a couple of website that aggregate volunteers and development projects. At least that's the first impression I had while visiting them yesterday, I am still discovering what they are all about:
  • TIG
  • YCDO
  • Go and see for yourself ...

    Posted by kiki at 11:02 AM BST
    Wednesday, 16 March 2005
    African blogs directory
    Mood:  a-ok
    Topic: Nice websites
    This is a page that should interest all the african bloggers. A kind of blog directory.
    Check this out now!
    African Blogs
    I will soon enough subscribe there.
    Later for more

    Posted by kiki at 4:54 PM GMT

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