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The eagle and the buzzard

Bura Folktales Legend (Nigeria)

One day a buzzard flew into a tree. After a while an eagle came and said to the buzzard, "Buzzard, what are you doing here? You are a worthless fellow." The buzzard said, "I am sitting here waiting for the shoulder of god."

The eagle saw a quail alight on a stump, and he said to the buzzard, "I eat by my strength. Watch and see what I do to the quail. I will cut him up and eat him before your eyes. You said that you were waiting for the shoulder of god, but I eat by my strength." Then the eagle made a dash to catch the quail, but the quail flew and left the stump. The breast of the eagle struck the stump and was cut open. He was not able to get up and fly.

The buzzard came flying and alighted near him. The eagle said, "Buzzard, what are you doing here?" The buzzard said, "I am going to eat you. Or did I not tell you that I was waiting for the shoulder? This is what god has given me." The eagle said, "No, I do not want you to eat me." The buzzard said, "You will see what I will do with you. I will eat you right now." The buzzard hopped over onto the eagle and began to eat, and he finished him.

These are the wages, which the eagle got for showing off. If a man shows off, some day something will bring out his secrets, and all shall see.


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