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Anansi and the chameleon
Cagn and the baboons
Death comes to mankind
How anansi became a spider
How anansi tricked god
How brothers and sisters first came to quarrel and hate each other
How the crocodile got its skin
How the heron got a bend in its neck
How the jackal got his black back
How the zebra got his stripes
King of the birds
Lions wings and lion's bones
Story of the bird that made milk
The lost message
The monkey's fiddle
The story of five heads.
The tiger, the ram, and the jackal
The antelope and the goat farm together
The bachelors and the python
The bad man
The crocodile and the dog
The curious monkey
The friendship of the tortoise and the eagle
The game board
The jackal's lawsuit
The lion and the hare go hunting
The marriage of the mouse
The origins of procreation
The rabbit grows a crop of money
The rabbit steals the elephant's dinner
The salt trader's justice
The servant who shot a bush goat
The squirrel mocks the gull
The squirrel and the hyena were neighbours
The three young men
The woodcutter of gura
The cleverness of the squirrel
The eagle and the buzzard
The elephant and his slaves
The frog and the mouse
The hunter and the lion
The lion and the leopard
The lion and the mouse
The monkey trial
The ram and his friend
The story of the boy and the old woman, and how the wasp got his small waist
The story of the slave by name 'the world'
The three slaves
The two friends
The wise little goat
To the blacksmith shop
True friendship
Tsakuramadu and his grandmother
Two men go on a journey
Wisdom, food and wealth

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