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The ram and his friend

Bura Folktales Legend (Nigeria)

There was a ram and his mother and his sister. Every day they would go for a walk. One day his mother and his sister went away and left him. He ran about trying to find them. He came to a friend, another ram, and said, "Friend, did you see our womenfolks go along here?" The ram said, "No, I did not see your women folks here. Only your mother and your sister. I saw them pass here, but I never have seen your women folks."

The ram said, "Never did I see any one so dumb as you are. You are the dumbest person left in the world. Who is my mother, not to mention my sister? If a man has a mother and a sister, they are like a wife to him. Or is a mother not a woman? You are dumb, my mother is my head woman. A wife will do for you the same things which a mother will do for you."

This thing is true. A mother and a wife are about alike. Some say that a wife is better than a mother, but it is not true


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